Since, it’s the release of The Vamps debut single, I thought I would let someone who can’t get or doesn’t have the cd bundle. 

The Rules : 

- You must be following me

- You can reblog this post, as many times as you want! (just don’t annoy your followers!)

- Likes don’t count

- You will not be counted if you are just a blog who reblogs giveaways/competitions!

- The giveaway ends October 6th 12am GMT (only a week, because I don’t want it to be open for long!)

- This giveaway is WORLDWIDE

Extra Entries :

- Follow my personal : sarahmcfadyen.tumblr.com

- Follow me on twitter : twitter.com/sarahmcfadyen_

- Follow me on instagram : instagram.com/sarahmcfadyen_ and instagram.com/ukmagazinescans 

(leave your usernames in my ask, or else the extra entries will not be counted!)

I will be picking the winner, out of a hat, and I will post the winner sometime on October 7th! And good luck, if you have questions just ask! :)

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